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Elk typical elk nontypical mule deer typical mule deer nontypical pronghorn. This bull was killed in 2009 and held the world record for nearly 9 years. Rulon jones spends time with his son chase and takes a great bull elk with guide and outfitter rick crawford, owner of record book guides and outfitters on. These record book trophies are not easy to come by and are even harder to harvest. The elevation at the lodge is 6,200 feet and reaches a max point of 9,200 feet.

The closer it gets, though, the more we are wondering where we might get a chance to see elk and other wildlife. Henderson of burlington, wyoming was recently honored by the boone and crockett club for his trophy typical american elk. Received a call from rick next morning claiming he broke his ankle did not go. This unit has more elk than any other unit in utah and has produced several of the top record elk in the state, including the 2006 muzzleloader world record.

Utah has an impressive variety of big game to hunt, including mule deer, elk, mountain goat, moose, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, mountain lion, and bison. In fact, the new boone and crockett club world record nontypical elk was taken in utah in 2008. The elk, taken with a crossbow in fremont county during the 2014 season, scored 408 and received a firstplace award at the boone and crockett clubs 29th big game awards banquet. Dennis austad of ammon, idaho, poses with a bull elk that was certified on jan. Read reporting requirements, report your harvest and see your bonus points. This is an editorial opinion piece we reported earlier this week the harvest of what is likely to become the new worldrecord nontypical elk.

The ranch is 90 miles from salt lake city the beautiful wasatch mountains. The minimum score for a typical elk to be considered for the alltime awards book is 375. The utah big game records program is designed for the establishment and operation of a comprehensive record keeping program for wildlife species native and introduced in the state of utah. Utah has some of the best elk hunting in the world. Boone and crockett big game records assistant director justin spring said their officials score the animal based on the following measurements. This wild and rugged land has been preserved so you have the outstanding opportunity for trophy hunts with your choice of. Denny austad took this record book elk in 2009 with a gross score just short of 500. During the summer, elk eat almost constantly, consuming between 4 and 7 kilograms 8. Ut its a rare achievement to shoot a bull in the top 20 of all time. The bull was taken on a solo public land hunt by montana resident, steve felix. The elk is a large animal of the ungulate order artiodactyla, possessing an even number of toes on each foot, similar to those of camels, goats and cattle. It is a ruminant species, with a fourchambered stomach, and feeds on grasses, plants, leaves and bark.

Perhaps the largest elk ever produced in the wilda utah bull taken in. Located in the majestic forested mountains of northeastern utah, offering the most exhilarating hunting opportunity of a lifetime. Utah has some of the best rocky mountain elk hunting in the world. Entry was found, confiscated, donated or purchased. One of the unique things about keeping a record book for all the biggest. Royal rut ranch is located on 5600 acres of some of utahs most stunning scenery. Perhaps the largest elk ever produced in the wilda utah bull taken in 2008 by. There is no entry fee required for acceptance in the utah big game records program. Record book guides and outfitters is a hurricane, utah outfitter and hunting guide who guided hunts include mule deer, elk, sheep, goats, mountain lion, bear, buffalo, moose and pronghorn antelope.

The official declaration was made today by the boone and crockett club. Over the past 30 years, qualifying boone and crockett records book entries for. Your articles and photos should be published in the annual utah big game record book at the end of each respective year before. We hunt the book cliffs, rattlesnake, nine mile and san rafael units. The record book contains information on all 10 species of big game animals found in utah. In fact, utah has more record harvests that any other western state. Overview utah has the best elk hunting on planet earth. Massive bull elk is the latest montana nontypical record. Today, elk are flourishing in northern utah, including a good number of trophy bulls. Most years utah will produce more record book bulls than many of the western states combined. Its a helluva trophy, and is a testament to utahs management in its hardtodraw trophy units.

September 24october 5, 2019 12 day rut hunt midseason any weapon le bull. Record book guides and outfitters utah outfitters guides. While the ranch is home to some of utahs largest bull elk, there is also a large population of mule deer. We offer elk, deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, buffalo, cougar and bear hunts.

That hunt will not be held, and the hunt listing has been removed from the guidebook. The utah big game records program is designed for the establishment and operation of a comprehensive recordkeeping program for wildlife species native and introduced in the state of utah. Each year, in many utah units, statewide record book and sci bull elks are being harvested. Rulon jones elk hunt on boulder mountain, utah youtube. Utah is especially famous for its largeantlered elk and mule deer. Guided by outfitter and owner of record book guides and outfitters, rick crawford on. A behemoth male elk dubbed the spider bull, taken by a hunter on monroe mountain in central utah last fall, carried the largest antler rack ever. We take pride in delivering an unforgettable hunting experience. And this doesnt mean its only a haven for elk hunters. World record archery bull elk taken at broadmouth canyon ranch at our idaho location. Doug carlton takes a huge boulder mountain, utah bull elk. In fall of 2016 my 73 year old dad n i were going to do our dream hunt together. Utah big game outfitters premier utah big game guide. Weve been to ynp and rmnp for the past 3 years and have saw lots of elk, and frankly, its our favorite sight to see out west.

Whether your bucket list is a giant bull elk in utah, or a arizona strip buck of lifetime, we deliver. While utah has only cranked out the third most record bulls 225 typical and nontypical american elk its no. Az for the past few decades, some native american reservations in the southwest have been producing an inordinate amount of recordbook elkthe white mountain apache in arizona for one, another is the san carlos apache reservation in eastern arizona. The score was officially confirmed after the mandatory 60day. The spider bull was shot in utahs monroe mountain unit in midseptember and greenscores just over 500 inches of antler mass. The rocky mountain elk foundation recently reported the top 20 elk counties that have produced the most recent recordbook animals. Second chance lands nearrecord elk the denver post. In the case of these pending world records, the panel score became the animals official score.

Though this bull will not make the record book, the official score sheet will be kept on file by the boone and crockett club. Research hunts and units before you apply in the big game drawing, and any of utahs other hunt drawings. The utah hunt planner also provides the legal hunting boundaries approved by the utah wildlife board. For a list of locations where the record book is available please click here. Guided utah elk hunts wasatch hunts utah trophy elk. Come join us and experience record class elk hunting. We flew into salt lake utah rented car drove to the meeting spot. Austad paid for the utah governors tag and was guided by mossback. Worldrecord american elk taken on public land in utah mail tribune. The elks official entry score was confirmed at an astounding 430 inches. The top quality elk states are new mexico and arizona. Although quality is reportedly down from 20052007 levels, utah is still a premier hunting destination for big bulls.

During the past few years the world record bull and many more monster elk have been harvested. Ut bull elk confirmed as world record a behemoth male elk dubbed the spider bull, taken by a hunter on monroe mountain in central utah last fall, carried the largest antler rack ever recorded by. Boone and crockett club worlds records elk hunting. Recognize outstanding trophies in size and symmetry taken by sportsmen.

Austad chased the spyder bull for the first month of the utah elk. Your articles and photos should be published in the annual utah big game record book at the end of each respective year before releasing them to any other magazines or publications. Recognize outstanding trophies in size and symmetry taken by. To celebrate the biggest bulls and best stories from our elk hunting history, ol put together a countdown of the highestscoring bulls ever killed according to boone and crockett records. The utah division of wildlife resources utah hunt planner is an interactive map designed to help hunters research hunting units. Providing top notch trophy hunts for utah big game hunters since 1996. We are gt outfitters, specializing in eastern utah big game. Perhaps the largest elk ever produced in the wilda utah bull taken in 2008 by a hunter on public landhas been confirmed as a new worlds record. The bull moose on this list are the biggest entries from each subspecies of moose currently listed in the.

With big bulls standing nearly seven feet tall and weighing up to 1,500 pounds, moose are massive animals and are the largest species in the deer family. The book cliffs are well known for being a sought after hunting destination, and for good reason. Thinking about going on a moose hunt in the near future. This exceptional hunting experience will provide you the thrill of capturing the cries of the incredible bugling trophy bull elk or challenging the technical cunning of a trophy mule deer. On slides 221 youll find the top 20 typical bulls of all time. Sd outfitters was founded in 1992 by shane dykster. From the high elevations where the goats run wild, to the cliffs and crags holding giant rams we deliver. One of the unique things about keeping a record book for all the biggest trophies in history is that it connects hunters stories from all generations. There are many limitedentry units and cooperative wildlife management units capable of producing worldclass bulls. Sessions success went largely unnoticed by the public, possibly overshadowed by missoula hunter steve felix bagging a new world record bull elk with his bow. The top 40 typical and nontypical elk of all time outdoor life.

Utah big game records llc is a company that produces books. If you hunt utah or would like to hunt utah, utah big game records provides hunt. These are biggest moose kills in the safari club international record book. In january 2019, the utah wildlife board canceled the rocky mountain bighorn sheep hunt on antelope island. Recordbook bulls the only thing better than the rack on a trophy bull is the story behind how it was taken. The objectives of the program include the following. Were coming to southwestern utah the first couple of weeks in september with plans to visit all five national parks. Utah has always been recognized for its legendary trophy mule deer.

The utah big game records program is designed for the establishment and. According to stan grebe, an official measurer for boone and crockett, pope and young and the muzzleloader record book, heins elk posted a gross score of 382 28 and a net of 375 28 after the. Many of utahs elk units can produce giant bulls year in and year out. This utah bull was also called a gamefarm escapee and a mutant, but the. The utah big game records committee may invite trophies for display at the awards programs or annual competition recognition programs.

Whether you prefer the thrill of the gun or the challenge of the bow and arrow, our experienced utah hunting guides are by your side every step of the way. The majority of our elk hunts take place during the rut. Utah hunt planner utah division of wildlife resources. World record typical bull elk, taken with broadmouth canyon ranch at out idaho location. This list indicates the last recorded owner or hunter. Recordbook bulls, from the boone and crockett club archives. Now shane runs the operation, along with his son john dykster. Bowden gardner and monster archery mule deer from 2012 possibly the new world record with a bow. We offer archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts in most of the limited entry units across the state.

Rominger, phd, bighorn sheep biologist is an official boone and crockett club measurer. The only exceptions are the boone and crockett club, pope and young club, the longhunter society. In recent years, utah has become the destination of choice for trophy elk hunting. Every few years a unit will have a stand out year, predicting this can be difficult. These tags allow the hunter to hunt all four seasons below. The boone and crockett clubs records committee, which is the. From 2000 to 2006, no other state produced more recordbook bulls than utah. Now that word has gotten out of their potential, a trophy elk hunt on one of these reservations will set you back a mortgage payment or 10.

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