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In new orleans, filming began today on the movie deepwater horizon. Deepwater horizon star mark wahlberg said he loved making the film and being able to honor the 11 lives lost in the horrific environmental disaster. Deepwater horizon film wikimili, the best wikipedia reader. It is a film inspired by a true story of real life heroes, as the. Mark wahlberg sports stitches and broken nose on deepwater. The director of the deepwater horizon film had a replica rig built in a water tank holding 2. Deepwater horizon movie filmed on oil rig set kftv. Deep water is inspired by paula dalys books that are set around lake windermere in the lake district, and the tv show has followed suit. It killed wildlife, tainted fisheries, and damaged coastal ecosystems from marshes in louisiana to beaches in florida. More than one million birds died during deepwater horizon. Given that the real rig is currently on the floor of the gulf of mexico, and that shooting on.

Directed by peter berg lone survivor, this story honors the brave men. In the uk however, collectivism still leads to triumph. You could invent love stories, improbable acts of squarejawed heroism, maybe throw in a sea monster. Deepwater horizon peter berg returns with another harrowing historical drama thats difficult to watch. Josh brastedgetty images kate hudson said she felt the added pressure in deepwater. Mark wahlberg photo by richard chavez lionsgate says filming is now underway in new orleans on the dramatic thriller deepwater horizon directed by peter berg lone survivor and based on the ny times article deepwater horizons final hours by david barstow, david rohde and stephanie saul. Parents need to know that deepwater horizon is an action drama based on the reallife 2010 explosion of a bp oil rig that led to 11 deaths and the greatest oil spill in history.

The 2010 explosion in the gulf of mexico triggered an environmental. Deepwater horizon filmmakers aim to honor, not exploit. It stars mark wahlberg, kurt russell, john malkovich, gina rodriguez, dylan obrien, and kate hudson. Study shows continuing impacts of deepwater horizon oil spill. It is adapted from a 2010 article by david barstow, david rohde. Deepwater horizon, also starring john malkovich and gina rodriguez, hits theaters sept.

The highly anticipated feature film, deepwater horizon, is now looking for extras to work on scenes in the next couple of months. The 2010 bp deepwater horizon well blowout vomited more than 210 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico and onto its shoresthe largest accidental, offshore oil spill in history. For the one hundred and twentysix people aboard the deepwater horizon offshore oil rig, april 20, 2010, began like any normal day. A dramatization of the disaster in april 2010, when the offshore. Deepwater horizon starring mark wahlberg casting call for oil riggers in louisiana. The film recounts the 48 hours leading up to the macondo well blowout that killed 11 people.

How filmmakers made an oil rig explode in deepwater horizon. Deepwater horizon starring mark wahlberg casting call in. Deepwater horizon with mark walhberg, dylan obrien. Ben affleck was spotted filming a new movie, deep water, in new orleans just weeks after he had a major slipup in his sobriety journey. Mark wahlberg talks deepwater horizonthe actor shares behindthescenes videos from the set of his new movie, deepwater horizon. When chandor departed the project shortly before filming in early 2015. I was like, i got this this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Directed by peter berg and starring mark wahlberg, the movie should appeal to teens and adults who enjoy lifeanddeath stories that involve acts of heroism, courage, and sacrifice. It is adapted from the december 25, 2010 the new york times article deepwater. Principal photography began monday on deepwater horizon, a new film chronicling the heroism of those aboard the deepwater horizon rig during its final hours of operation. Kurt russell no surprise plays his usual rugged role, making sure to add the hard edge testosterone rush all older actors need to bring. Deepwater horizon was an ultradeepwater, dynamically positioned, semisubmersible offshore drilling rig owned by transocean. Mark wahlberg reveals scariest part of filming deepwater.

Ben affleck looks refreshed filming deep water after. Filming starts on deepwater horizon film as alist cast. As deepwater horizon prepares to hit theaters on sept. So, we get a little bit of time with mike williams mark wahlberg and his family, including wife felicia kate hudson, before he heads off to work at his. The deepwater horizon film focuses on the failed elements and decision making that led up to the 2010 bp blowout.

Deepwater horizon production team built model rig variety. Nine years ago tomorrowapril 20, 2010crude oil began leaking from the deepwater horizon drilling rig into the gulf of mexico in what turned out to be the largest marine oil spill in history. Peter bergs deepwater horizon combined one of the biggest sets of all time. Deepwater horizon has been outfitted with a rocking dolby atmos track that will really get adopters of the relatively new format excited. Kate hudson talks deepwater horizon the actress is live in times square to discuss her new film. Deep water is an erotic thriller, which is based on the 1957 novel of the same name by patricia highsmith. It was really important to me that we used the scenery a lot. Making ofbroll of deepwater horizon subscribe and click the notification bell here.

A new featurette has been released for deepwater horizon, giving us a behindthescenes look at the massive oil rig that was made for the epic reenactment the film tells of one of the largest manmade disasters to ever occur. Deepwater horizon is a 2016 american disaster film based on the deepwater horizon explosion and oil spill in the gulf of mexico. Deepwater horizon is based on what really happened on an oil rig in the gulf of mexico on april 20, 2010. Mark wahlberg leads an allstar cast in this unforgettably powerful film inspired by a thrilling story of reallife heroes.

On deepwater horizon movie set, survivors meet a hollywood portrayal new orleans on a balmy night on dry land, hell breaks out again on the deepwater horizon. Oscars best picture winners best picture winners golden globes emmys san diego comiccon new york comiccon sundance film festival toronto intl film festival awards central festival central all events. On september, 2016, deepwater horizon had its world premiere at the toronto international film festival, where, after its screening, it received a standing ovation. Gina rodriguez on her mental and physical workout on. Deep water writer anne symon told radio times that using these locations was really important during filming.

Rare deepwater horizon sinking video with sound youtube. More deepwater horizon cast and crew join to discuss kurts longevity and his ability to provide wisdom that ultimately improved the film. In september 2009, the rig drilled the deepest oil well in history at a. Casting the role of ben afflecks characters daughter in deep water, a feature film directed by adrian lyne. Audiences polled by cinemascore, for example, gave. Principal photography began monday on a film depicting the gulf of mexico oil spill disaster, named simply deepwater horizon and featuring a. It covers the mayhem of the initial catastrophe, the worker heroics attempting to right the ship, and the final scramble of workers to get off the doomed rig. According to film, deepwater horizon is based on the new york times article by david barstow, david rohde, and stephanie saul. On the night of april 20, 2010, williams, the chief electronics technician on the deepwater horizon oil. Realistic oilrig sets already are under construction in chalmette, and a casting call is out across south louisiana for reallife oil workers as extras in the filming of deepwater horizon. On april 20th, 2010, one of the worlds largest manmade disasters occurred on the deepwater horizon in the gulf of mexico.

From a genre that seems far from its prime, deepwater horizon is a great modern disaster film that attempts to offer up as much heart and soul as it does thrills. The film will depict the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill. The fabricated oil rig which was constructed to replicate both the interior and exterior of the deepwater horizon was then sectioned off in order to compartmentalize the. The second half of the film is certainly demoworthy.

Today were following ben affleck as he films his new thriller deep water in and around the lower marigny of new orleans. I dont think so if i tell deepwater horizons plot, because im afraid if i was wrong about this movies plot. Peter berg directed it from a screenplay by matthew michael carnahan and matthew sand. Gina rodriguez on her mental and physical workout while filming deepwater horizon. The blowout preventer that was intended to shut off the flow of highpressure oil and gas from the macondo well in the gulf of mexico during the disaster on the deepwater horizon drilling rig on. Telling the true story of the heroes behind deepwater. Given that the real rig is currently on the floor of the gulf of mexico, and that shooting on another rig was cost prohibitive, berg and company built. See photos of ben affleck filming deep water in the marigny.

In april 2010, the deepwater horizon, situated in the gulf of mexico, experienced a massive blowout, sending fire every which way and driving. Deepwater horizon 2016 movies, tv, celebs, and more. The real deepwater horizon rig was based 250 miles off the coast of houston in the gulf of mexico. So even if youre not tuning in for the shows drama, you. The well from hell my fight with bp to film deepwater horizon. Deepwater horizon is a 2016 american biographical disaster film based on the deepwater horizon explosion and oil spill in the gulf of mexico. Scientists noted that the prevailing paths of the gulf of mexicos loop current and a detached eddy located to the west kept much of the oil, which covered a sizable part of the gulf some three. Directed by peter berg and starring mark wahlberg, the film, which narrates the 2010 explosion and spill that killed 11 people in the gulf of. A dramatization of the disaster in april 2010, when the offshore drilling rig called the deepwater horizon exploded, resulting in the worst oil spill in american history. Kate hudson and kurt russell talk new family project at deepwater horizon premiere. Berg with his screenwriters, matthew michael carnahan and michael sand personalizes the story by focusing on a few.

For a long time after the disaster, mike williams was haunted by the sound of helicopters. The cast is led by mark wahlberg and includes teen wolfs dylan obrien, john malkovich, gina. Deepwater horizon and sully show that american filmmakers like to depict heroes as gritty individuals fighting against the establishment. Casting call seeks real oil workers for deepwater horizon. I was wondering if there might be an evil cameo here for ralph fiennes or patrick. Mark wahlberg sports stitches and a broken nose as he starts filming his oil spill disaster movie deepwater horizon. Kate hudson on finding inspiration from kurt russell in. Mark wahlberg reveals scariest part of filming deepwater horizon.

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